Storytelling has always been part of design but the concept was solidified and defined in 2015 when companies started to realize the power of a good story narrated by a brand. Companies like Apple and Nike stopped selling their products with a list of benefits, and started to use storytelling in order to improve their communication with their customers and attract new audiences.

Every story has a hero, a villain, and a guide. From the start the hero needs to solve a problem, in the attempt to solve it, encounters a villain who is constantly putting obstacles to avoid the…

Why Canva won’t scale your startup or serious entrepreneurial venture

If you’re starting a new business, you know that you need a name, a logo, and capital to develop your product. Yes, you will invest in developing that product, along with various legal fees. In the meantime, to save expenses you will research design apps. In your search you’ll find Canva for Apple, and Android, and it’s Free.

There is nothing wrong with Canva, I actually think that it is a very useful tool for non designers who want to dip their toes in the grand waters of Design. The problem with Canva, and other design tools, does not reside…

Why investing in branding is a necessary but passive asset that will give you the advantage in the long run.

Many times I’ve talked to business owners, or founders, that understand the need for building their brand strategy, and brand identity. Their approach to this investment varies depending on how fast of a return they expect on their investment.

While investing in logo development, photography and other collaterals may seem the fastest way to develop your brand. There are many strategic steps and visual discoveries that a brand strategy and brand development will give you from the start. From a business perspective on how to move forward on possible scenarios that you might have overlooked in the process. …

Three amazing things that happened in 2020 that changed our buying perception.

Happy new year!

If 2020 was the warm up, 2021 is the real game. Are you ready for it?

I hope last year fueled your brain with excitement about the future. We all had time to cope and process, but in 2021 it is time to shift.


At the beginning of the year, the risk takers jumped ahead, and companies like Pernod Ricard changed their production to provide sanitizers, and distilleries followed the lead worldwide; H&M, the mass-market clothier, adapted its production lines to supply more surgical garments. All this as an aid to the greater good.


Global warming alarmed…

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