Your Brand Story is not your personal story.

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2 min readApr 12, 2021

Storytelling has always been part of design but the concept was solidified and defined in 2015 when companies started to realize the power of a good story narrated by a brand. Companies like Apple and Nike stopped selling their products with a list of benefits, and started to use storytelling in order to improve their communication with their customers and attract new audiences.

Every story has a hero, a villain, and a guide. From the start the hero needs to solve a problem, in the attempt to solve it, encounters a villain who is constantly putting obstacles to avoid the hero’s victory. The hero’s plot is usually enriched by the guide, a character that enlightens the hero and mentors him to the solution, with knowledge and lessons.

So, How to create a brand story?

This is where the confusion takes place. As a person you are the hero of your journey. As a founder, or startup your company is “the guide”. The representation of a character that helps the hero reach their goals and solve their problems. Brands that have identified their audiences, can pinpoint solutions to specific problems, and serve their customers as a guide.

Sometimes the goal is simply to have a great cup of coffee every day without having a barista at home. (Nespresso)

Do not confuse your personal story with your brand story

This is a common mistake that startups make when building a brand. Specially when the brand reason is connected to something personal to them. You can take traces from a person and include it in a brand’s character, but be careful on making the brand’s narrative a nuance of your personal life. It can be confusing for your customer and it might not resonate with your audience. Do some research!

We all love a good story, and it speak volumes when the brand has a clear narrative in words and visually. So, when it comes to the brand story, shift your character and pass the power to your customer. Your real hero.

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